The Most Powerful Brand in the World

You want to admire THE greatest branding in the history of the world?

It’s the US Presidency.

An absolute assertion that the Office is greater than the man (or woman) standing inside it.

That Seal of The President is rolled gold 100% genuine bonafide Star Wattage Branding.

Airforce One.

The Secret Service.

Call-sign ‘Eagle'.

The Beast.

The Oval Office.

The White House.

Is there any other country that does it as well?

A country so awesome?

So powerful?

It redefines gravitas at every level.

And I can only imagine that if you are so privileged to find yourself standing inside the actual Oval Office, you are stunned into submission.

There are great lessons to be learned form the most powerful Office in the world.

Here are ten.

1. Symbols matter. So does symbolism. Figure out where your brand could do with some.
2. Be big and bold. Sometimes it’s the only way to make a point.
3. Claim the top draw. So few people decide to be best.
4. Names matter just as much. Make sure the name matches the image you want to create.
5. People like a little fear and submission from time to time. Even better when the end result is respect and awe.
6. Institutionalising branding happens over time, but only with clarity and consistency.
7. If it is possible, separate the product from the person, in case the person is in a position to damage the brand.
8. People want heroes. They also want to be inspired.
9. If you are grand, then be grand. Don’t disappoint.
10. Ambition isn’t a vice.

The next time you think about great brands, take a close look at the US Presidency.

We could all take a big lesson out of the United States Playbook. The Seal of the Oval Office will withstand even The Donald.


Author: Rose Herceg, Futurist & strategist. Ballet dancer, Nashville fan, lover of all things red.