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  • What We Do

    Photo Courtesy of Andrew Jones, Ikon Sydney.



    Strategy sits both within and around our client teams. A dedicated, cross-functional team with a national remit, they work with all our product specialists to solve some of our clients’ most challenging problems. For us, strategy is not a department, it’s ingrained in the agency DNA. In fact, every one of Ikon’s client leaders is an accomplished strategic thinker. Which is why you’ll find them leading businesses, never just servicing them.

    Channel Planning

    With media fragmentation making audiences harder to reach, it’s critical to understand the shifting consumption habits of Australians. Our Channel Planning team helps clients do just that. Nailing the role of communications, and then identifying the most efficient and effective combinations of channels is critical.

    At Ikon, we know Australians best, and Channel Planning is a mix of art and science that ensures maximum impact for clients. We are channel neutral, so always recommend what’s right to hit client’s goals.

    Data & Analytics

    Our Data & Analytics capability fuels the growth and innovation of some of Australia’s biggest and brightest brands. With a national team of data scientists, we unlock insights, identify new revenue opportunities and build bespoke measurement frameworks for existing clients, as well as provide consultancy services to a broad cross section of companies, from emerging businesses to established blue chips.

    Digital & Technology

    Being adaptable, while remaining solutions focused, defines how we operate in the ever-converging fields of digital media and technology.

    We work with clients to procure, deploy and integrate technologies to solve business critical challenges and we strive to be both vendor agnostic and partner-centric with all technology providers. Within our digital team, we maintain strategy, trading and performance specialists which enables us to construct unique solutions that deliver clients the best outcomes.

    Regardless of its specialism, we have an inclusive approach to digital, ensuring that its application proliferates throughout all parts of the business.

    Dynamic Trading

    The responsibility that comes with investing our clients marketing funds is something we take very seriously. Our approach to investment is unique to Ikon (and what we were founded on). It gives our clients a proven competitive advantage, puts data and analytics at the centre of our investment teams and, critically, adopts a ‘trader not buyer’ philosophy. 
The trade of media time and space is a dynamic and challenging craft – one which our investment experts live and breathe.

    Performance Media

    Evolving from our Dynamic Trading philosophy comes Performance One (P1). One team across paid search, paid social and programmatic media, with a relentless obsession with data and technology to unlock smarter ways to be better, be efficient, and be more effective. With no silos or separate budgets, P1 enables knowledge and innovation to move fluidly across all channels to connect our clients’ brands with their most valuable audiences, while always remaining focused on the KPIs that make a real impact on their business.


    To help marketers simplify the complexity of the modern communications landscape, we went back to the future to bring the power of media and creative thinking together again. It’s not only resulted in helping our clients create more effective campaigns, it’s led to us being shortlisted for several full service agency of the year awards.

    Social & Content

    When it comes to social media, there is content and there is thumb-stopping content. We know the type people prefer, which is why we work hard to create the most compelling, adaptive content we can. From web series and podcasts, to influencer campaigns and community management, we target audiences based on tailored strategies and ecosystems, to help reach social networks in a more meaningful way.


    Brands and businesses want to connect with people, and people search – not because search engines were invented, but because searching is fundamentally a human behaviour. With the advancement of software and technology, SEO plays a crucial role in defining the true needs of consumers and creating content that maximises opportunities for brands to connect. Our SEO offering is centralised along with strategy, content, investment, data and the SEM team which enables us to add more value into our client’s business.